Walking on Sunshine

What a To-Do!



This, if you will, is my current To-Do List.  I got the whiteboard a week or so ago and am very pleased with it.  For some reason, it’s much more satisfying to rub something off the board than to tick it on a paper list.  Maybe there’s a teacher inside me trying to get out?

I’m using a system of prioritising which I found in one of the ‘Seven Habits‘ books.  The board is divided into four quadrants:

  1. Urgent & Important
  2. Important
  3. Urgent
  4. Not Urgent or Important

The idea is that one works in the first two quadrants and therefore concentrate on what is important rather than urgent (or not urgent or imporant).

I’m finding it very helpful to have such a strong visual of what I need to do (or just want to do!) although I’m a little worried that so many tasks have fallen into the fourth quadrant.

I think I may finally have found a method of organising myself that actually works.  How about you?  How do you prioritise your tasks and make the best use of your time?


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