Walking on Sunshine

I was very interested to read this post on St Bernard the other day.  Four degrees of love, eh?  I’d never heard of that before but I can see exactly where I am on the scale.  I’m just moving into the second degree:

Next, man sees that he is dependent on something and faith leads him to seek God and love Him because of his dependence on Him – a selfish love

It’s never seemed right to me to love God because of what one receives from the relationship.  But I’m incapable of loving a God I don’t really know for His own sake.  And then I feel like a failure because I haven’t lived up to expectations.   So it’s nice to know that there is somewhere else to go.  I think I’m starting to see that this is a journey of progress rather than merely a destination.


Comments on: "A Catholic Mom in Tradition: St. Bernard" (2)

  1. Thank you for the link. My first reading on St. Bernard was the historical fiction The Family That Overtook Christ. This is the second in a series, the first being The Three Religious Rebels. After reading Tan Books’ St. Bernard of Clairvaux I realized that this saint was truly extraordinary in taking one’s every day life (in reality, one’s every breath) and turning it in to a labor of love for God. His love of God permeated his every action and his writings help us to see our goal – the ultimate selfless act of loving God. But as you said, this is a journey we all are challenge to take. A goal put before us. Some of us keep striving and never meet the ultimate, but we keep reaching for it. Some simply decide it is too hard or unreachable and turn away from the challenge. Our Lord set the example in His Life. Sometimes the dimmest times are the most fruitful. The saints who loved Our Lord the most felt they had fell far short of loving Him.
    God bless you on your journey! Keep up the good fight . . .

  2. Oh, I like that “I think I’m starting to see that this is a journey of progress rather than merely a destination.”

    I never thought of it like that but I think that is exactly what it is…a journey of progress. 🙂

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