Walking on Sunshine

Bricks of Life

What do you see when you look at your life?

Maybe you see home, husband, career, kids, mum and dad?  There’s a dog, a car, a holiday-home.  You have problems and decisions.  Happiness and sadness.

I see bricks.

I’m given bricks at every junction of life.  Will I get up this morning or have a lie in?  Have a brick.  Will I take time to cuddle Coda or get busy with my day?  Another brick.  Will I mend a quarrel or sit on my dignity?  Brick!  Will I shower and dress, ready for Adoration before Mass?  Bricks, bricks, bricks!

There’s no choice over what bricks I get but I always have a choice over what I do with them.  Will I build a thing of beauty?  Will I build a wall to hide behind?  Will I build something that belongs in the Kingdom of God?

What will I do with today’s bricks?  And what will you do with yours?


Comments on: "Bricks of Life" (1)

  1. Wow, that’s awesome…hmm…what will I do with mine?
    ………………………I’ll get back to ya’ on that..ha ha

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