Walking on Sunshine

Craft & Thrift

It’s a beautiful day here in Scotland.  From the window, I can see blue skies and little-fluffy-clouds.  It’s also a bit chilly but, hey, it’s September!

This Blog has two new additions today, although they’re both in their infancy.  I’m going to be working on the Craft Section today, I hope (I also have nine kittens to look after so time may be short!) and there’s a new little heading up at the top for ‘Thrift‘.  Things will be happening there shortly so do Watch This Space!

Other than that … I’m feeling much better.  I’ve a bit of an upset tum and am a bit headachey but, really, it’s nothing to write home about.  My Slimming strategy has changed so that’s another update I need to look at (it goes along with the Thrift).  Studying hasn’t been happening but the books from the University have been delayed so I’m not too concerned about that as I’m nearly at the end of what I do have and can’t get ahead until the new stuff gets here.

My Big News of the week is really getting wi-fi here at home.  I love, love, love being mobile with my laptop!  I thought having a laptop and moving the modem occassionally was good – I mean, if I was sick I could unplug everything and get it all set up again in the bedroom – but, really, I had no idea!  This is the way to live.  And surf.  And blog.  And email.  But not shop – because I’m thrifty.  Obviously.

I suppose what I’m really trying to say is, ‘I have a whole lot of updating to do and not enough time right now to do it.’  So I shall go, eat lunch, deal with kittens and see what’s left of the day after that.  Have a good one, folks!


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  1. First, I’m glad you feeling better. but I have to know…you are taking care of kittens!!!! Awwww, I bet they are so cute. 🙂 Are they tiny kittens and your having to feed them and stuff?

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