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Sarah’s Baby Blanket WIP

Sarah's Baby Blanket

Sarah's Baby Blanket

This is a Crafty and a Thrifty posting – don’t you love 2-for-1 offerings?

My friend (LH) and I often get together to knit.  She’s a master-crafter and is always encouraging me to try new things.  I generally resist but, with my new Thrifty hat on, I’m going to be more receptive.  This, however, is another blanket project for my upstairs neighbour (DB) who has just become a Gran for the first time.  Mother and baby are both doing well and I’m knitting little Sarah a blanket.

Why is this Thrifty?  Well, LH and I decided to visit a new Stitch’n Bitch group on Sunday.  The group meets from 10am – 1pm downstairs in Borders, Glasgow and a very friendly group it is.  LH and I were warmly welcomed and spent a very pleasant couple of hours stitching (cat blanket for me, baby cardi for her) and singing along to The Beatles.

While we were working, the Organiser asked everyone to clear some space on the table and then produced a huge bag of stitchy goodies which had been donated to the group.  There was yarn-a-plenty, patterns and embroidery and cross-stitch kits, many of which hadn’t even been started.  Many thanks to the lady who provided them – I’m so sorry I don’t know your name.  My share of the goodies was eight balls of pink, 20% cashmere, 80% extrafine merino wool yarn, some of which is going into Sarah’s blankie.  And that’s why it’s a such a Thrifty gift – what I’m actually giving is a few hours of my time and no pennies.

According to the ball-band, the yarn knits to 14st and 20 rows for a 10cm x 10cm swatch with 6.5mm needles.  I’m a loose knitter (which sounds terrible!) and I’ve put it on 7mm needles so it’ll be light and airy for little Sarah.  I’ve cast on 42st so it’ll be +30cm wide.  There’s a 10 row band of garter stitch to start and then it’s stocking stitch but with the first and last seven stitches always knit (surely there must be a better way of writing that?) so that it’ll have a garter border all the way round.  I’ll work till it’s big enough and then finish with another 10 rows of garter.

So far, I’ve only worked on it for about two hours and I think it’s half-way done which is good since Sarah was born a couple of weeks ago.  It’s wonderfully soft and I’ve managed to keep it away from the cats – always a problem in a house full of blankies!

What are you working on?

Comments on: "Sarah’s Baby Blanket WIP" (4)

  1. The blanket looks great. I want to know how you have kept the kitties away from the blanket…I haven’t been able to accomplish that task. 😉

    I am working on socks! 😀 I finished one (the monkey sock pattern) and plan on starting the other one tonight. The first one turned out pretty nice if I do say so myself. My mom likes ’em which is good cause I think they are going to end up being her b-day gift. shhhh…don’t tell her. 😉

  2. I bet it was beautiful! 😉 It always feels so good to finish a project!!!!! Yay for you!

  3. i am working on too many things to mention…but i bet it is better that you are a loose knitter than a tight one….my stitches are always too tight. too much tension is never good.

  4. Laura – Beautiful! I have a very unfinished ivory baby blanket for my little boy. Maybe for #3 or if he would every sleep for me, I could finish it!

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