Walking on Sunshine


I’ve a bad cold which, I think, is settling down for a stay in my chest.  I can’t see the Dr until Tuesday.  I sound so bad that when a friend phoned this afternoon to say that she’d be passing and could she come and visit, she promptly changed her plans and stayed away!  I can’t say I blame her, to be honest.

I’m missing going to Mass.  I’ve missed this Sunday and last and only got to one weekday Mass last week.  I know that a) I’m not yet Catholic and b) I’m sick and therefore not under obligation to go but I still miss it.  There was no RCIA on Friday because of the school holiday and, to be honest, this is probably a good thing as I’d have forced myself to go and then been miserable while infecting the other participants.

Studying has ground to a halt as I just don’t have much concentration.  And I’m sleeping.  Sleeping lots.  And coughing.  And sneezing.  And very busy trying to get my fever to subside.  Which it won’t.  So I’m alternately opening all the windows and pulling on every sweater I own.  Bah!

I don’t like taking anti-biotics but will actually be glad if Dr T take out his prescription pad on Tuesday.


Comments on: "Cold!" (3)

  1. Oh dear, get well soon. Sounds like you need a lot of rest and chicken soup. Take care!

  2. Hello

    It is Tracey from the knitting group. Nice to see you today. Lovely blog, very open & honest. I too have piles of books just waiting to be read, can’t go past a charity shop with out picking up a few more! Now if only I had more time… 🙂

    Take care

    • notjustlaura said:

      Hi Tracey – Thanks for dropping in. This blog is rather like the books I’m supposed to be reading, I’m afraid! Did you find the entry about the baby blanket? I finished the cat blanket I worked on at SnB on Sunday today. I actually think it’s going to become a gift for a friend’s new baby …

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