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I’ve thought long and hard over whether to add ‘Religion’ to this blog or not.  As you can see, I have.  But I reserve the right to change my mind.  Because I do that.  A lot.  And especially when it comes to religion.  The thing is though, I have been writing here about religion.  I just haven’t had a page to link everything up like I do for other topics.  So, really, nothing has changed.  That’s what I’m going to tell myself anyway!

I have been interested in religion or, at the very least, spirituality since I was tiny.  I remember begging to go to Sunday School when I was five or six.  I remember scrubbing bird poo off the garden path and asking my mother if God would be pleased with me for doing so.  I remember dressing up as a nun.  I remember building an altar in the garden and leaving offerings there with a whole lot of ceremony.

I’ve wandered into some strange places in my search for … whatever it is I’ve been searching for.  I think I’ve found it in the Roman Catholic Church and am now participating in RCIA (the procedure by which an adult converts to Catholicism).  I’m scared-excited.  But generally happy with my decision.  What worries me is that I’ll change my mind yet again and continue going round and round, like a mouse on a wheel.


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  1. Congratulations for your big step, and best of luck in RCIA! I went through RCIA in 2006/2007, and it was a really great experience for both myself and my husband (he was also converting). Good luck! 🙂

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