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National Blog Posting Month


NaBloPoMo Nov 2009

National Blog Posting Month November 2009

I always feel inspired to write by NaNoWriMo but I never actually sign up for it.  First, I don’t actually have an idea for a novel.  Second, I don’t actually have the time.  Third, I don’t truly have the desire – I want to do it because some of my friends do.  So I’m going to leave it on the ‘Maybe Someday’ burner.


However, I have decided to give National Blog Posting Month (NaBloPoMo) a go this year.  It kind of ties in with things I’m doing already – like having a Posting Schedule for this site.  If I stick to that (which, I must be honest, I’m not likely to) then that only leaves Thursdays without a theme.  And I’d actually really like to get into the habit of writing here every day.  Doesn’t FlyLady say it takes a month to make a habit?  So I shall blog every day for a month – and try to avoid posts that say:

This is my NaBloPoMo entry for today.  See ya!

Are you with me?  Want to join in?  Or maybe you’re already working on NaNoWriMo?


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