Walking on Sunshine

Virtual Vegetarian?

I wasn’t going to write about this.  In fact, I told another blogger when I commented on her blog that I wouldn’t.  But then I went out in the wind and the rain (library trip, pharmacy trip) and thought:  Why not?

I’ve been virtually vegetarian before.  And I did quite well.  I lost weight, saved money.  Both of which are good.  But I was eating some really weird things.  I’m used to cooking from scratch but with meat and I know roughly what goes with what so I can throw together a chilli without too much thought.  Vegetarian cooking was a closed book to me, I didn’t know what went with what and I had some real disasters.  So, eventually, I gave up – I was throwing too much food away and eating out of packets which, in my opinion, defeated the point.

So now I’m back at SlimmingWorld and I sat down last night to make a menu plan.  And I thought:  Gosh, meat’s expensive.  And:  I wish I could afford organic/free-range.  And then I thought:  Why not go veggie?  You’re doing a menu plan anyway so you could cook from recipes (and thereby avoid the weird and inedible), save money and lose weight.  So I made a veggie menu plan and shopped today.  I’m planning to cook tomorrow and Sunday and then stick it all in the freezer to eat as ‘readi-meals’ through the week.  And, hopefully, by this time next week I’ll have lost a pound or two.

I do have two caveats to announce, however:

  1. I am not going fully vegetarian.  I prefer ‘Virtual Vegetarian’ which, to me, means I can eat meat/meat products if I want to.  So, while I wouldn’t go out and buy 1lb of steak for dinner, I will eat steak at a family dinner if that’s what the hostess serves.  I’m also not reading my food-labels to check for the animal additives that lurk at the end of the list.  According to The Vegetarian Society, I’m a ‘meat reducer’ rather than a vegetarian.  I don’t really care what you call it.  If I say ‘I’m never eating meat again,’ then I’ll be at Burger King before the hour is out.
  2. I am not putting a time limit on the change.  If I like it, if it works for me, then I may be virtually veggie forever.  If I don’t and it doesn’t then I could be going to the butcher’s in the middle of next week.

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