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Week 1 – 7lbs Lost!

Michael Finnegan, begin again.

It’s been a wee while since I updated my slimming progress here and things have changed which is why I’m resetting the weekly count.  Also, I don’t really believe I’ve lost 7lbs in one week but it makes me feel more positive to say that I have.  And I have.  Kind of.

So, since the last update, I have tried and failed to do SlimmingWorld and gained weight.  Then I tried and succeeded at SlimmingWorld and stayed the same.  Then I had my experiment with virtual vegetarianism which led me to buy a whole lot of ingredients with which to make meals and then to watch them all shrivel up while I ate Pasta’n’Sauce.  I think I lost 0.5lbs and then gained 3lbs.  Whatever.  The main problem I find with vegetarianism is that I don’t actually like vegetables.  I eat them in soups and sauces because they’re good for me but show me a carrot and a steak and I’ll choose the steak every time.  I very much begrudge paying for food that I don’t like and ultimately waste so the endeavour was somewhat doomed from the start.

Meantime, back with my life:  I was a very stressed woman during all of this as we awaited the mother’s MRI results.  In the event, there was good news – her cancer has not spread to her spine – but a Stressed Laura is a Hungry Laura and I ate accordingly.  Why is it that chocolate is a comfort food while apples aren’t?  It doesn’t take a Mastermind to work out that I gained more weight.  I didn’t weigh myself but my clothes were tighter than usual and doing day-to-day tasks was becoming uncomfortable and I knew it was time to do something about it.

And I have.  I signed up to WeightWatchers’ online offering on Thursday night at which point I stepped on the scales at found the numbers saying ’15st 11lbs’.  That’s the most I’ve ever weighed in my entire life.  But it was clothed and after a whole day’s eating and drinking.  I’ve chosen Monday as my weigh-in day and this morning, naked and on an empty stomach, I’m 15st 4lbs which gives a loss of 7lbs.  Obviously I’m not comparing like with like but, hey, I need a bit of a boost, OK?  Watch this space for a more accurate appraisal next week!


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  1. semioticghost said:

    Great going – and I’m looking forward to hear whether ww online will continue to work for you, as I really need something like that, too and getting a personal recommendation is always best for me. In case I do make up my mind, please let me know if they have a referral scheme – I’d like it if you got a few weeks free or something for having recruited me.

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