Walking on Sunshine

Week 2 – 1lb Gained!

I had to got weighed twice on Monday.

The first weighing was when I got up and after I’d paddled through to the toilet.  At 15st 5lbs I’d gained 1lb.  Which I’m actually fairly pleased with as it could have been so much worse.

The second weighing was when I saw my GP (Dr T).  He sees me every third week at the moment to support my weight-loss and smoking cessation efforts (no cigarettes since 29th October!)  On his scales, I also weighed in at 15st 5lbs but this is a maintain rather than a gain.  I’m very pleased about this as it’s the first time I’ve seen him and not gained.  I’ve promised myself I’ll have lost when I see him next.

So, what went wrong?  Basically, I was so excited about last week’s massive loss that I did something really stupid.  If sticking to one’s Points allowance results in weight-loss then surely eating as few Points as humanly possible will result in a bigger weight-loss?

Actually, no!

I starved myself from Monday to Thursday (and did lose weight – I weigh every day but only record it once a week).  Then, on Friday, I rebelled and binged right through the weekend on lots of sugary, fatty deliciousness.  As, when in Binge Mode, I can gain 7lbs in a week a 1lb gain is actually good.

The lesson has been learned.  This week I’m eating no fewer than 14 Points a day, as instructed by WeightWatchers.  In fact, I’ve banked 5 Points so far this week so I’m eating plenty.  I’m avoiding desserts because they’re a binge-food and if I buy X-many to eat throughout the week then I’m likely to eat them all in one day.  But I am planning pizza and dessert on Saturday (I have Sunday and Monday off so Saturdays are the start of my weekend and to be celebrated.)  And if I’m assailed by an irresistible desire for chocolate then I shall walk to the shop and purchase one item whose Points I ascertain and record, just as I would any other food.

The proof of the pudding is the eating.  Today I weigh the same as I did last Thursday and without starving myself.


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