Walking on Sunshine

Last week I started the ‘Books Out of Seven Challenge‘ as I’m very disappointed with my reading tally for this year.  There’s no way I’m going to make it to 100 or even 75 and I’m determined to do better in 2010.  During the week, I’ve been thinking about how the Challenge might work in the Land of Blogging.  That’s actually why it’s become a Challenge now rather than just something I’m doing to motivate myself.  Here’s how I think it will work:

  1. Each Sunday blog a little blog stating which books you hope to read in the week ahead.  You do not have to choose seven books – more or less is fine.
  2. If you chose to play the previous Sunday you should also let people know how your reading went.  Did you stick to the books you listed?  Did you get them all finished?  Did you enjoy your reading?  What were the best and worst books you read?  (These are suggestions – write whatever you want.)
  3. Check out NotJustLaura for the new Books Out of Seven post and leave a comment including a link to <i>your</i> Books Out of Seven post.

See – it’s easy.  And so, without more ado, here’s my report for last week’s reading.

I’m really very pleased with my progress.  I’ve been choosing to read rather than watch TV and have also listened to a couple of audiobooks.  I didn’t read all of the seven books I’d chosen and have two and a half still sitting on the table but, of course, Christmas was something of an interruption!

In the week ahead, I’d like to read:

  1. Debbie Macomber – 204 Rosewood Lane – Current read
  2. Suzanne C Segerstrom – The Glass Half-full
  3. Tom Wright – Acts for Everyone:  Part 1
  4. Eric B Fowler & Sheila Delaney – Small-town Boy, Small-town Girl (Review copy)
  5. Christopher Stace – Saint Clare of Assisi
  6. Hanan Al-Shaykh – The Locust and the Bird
  7. J M Barrie – Peter Pan

In all honesty, I don’t think I’ll get through all of these but I’d rather have too many books on my list than too few!


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