Walking on Sunshine

Over 14 days have gone by since I reviewed my pile of books and I’m sorry it’s been so long.  I’ve become rather bogged down in An Accidental Tragedy although I do now hope to finish it today or tomorrow.  And then there’s the additional pile (of paperwork) which has been claiming my attention.  It’s rather depressing to see the same pile of books sitting ignored by my favourite reading chair.

I’m going to give a list of seven titles even though today is Wednesday so there isn’t a hope I’ll get through them all before Sunday.  I’ll tell you the truth – I just want to know I have something to look forward to when I’m finally done with Tragedy.  Don’t get me wrong – bits of it have been totally engrossing.  But the other bits?  Totally forgettable.  Maybe I’m not as much an historian as I thought?

  1. Roderick Graham – An Accidental Tragedy
  2. Francine Rivers – Redeeming Love
  3. John UdrisHoly Daring
  4. Marie PhillipsGods Behaving Badly
  5. Tom WrightMatthew for Everyone Part 2
  6. Daphne du MaurierRebecca
  7. Niall FergusonThe Ascent of Money

Comments on: "Books Out of Seven (w/c 18th January 2010)" (2)

  1. Have you read Rebecca yet? I have it on my TBR shelf…I heard it starts out slow but picks up.

    I have an award for you 🙂


  2. notjustlaura said:

    Nope, not started Rebecca yet. My reading isn’t going too well just now but hopefully things will pick up. What’re you reading?

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