Walking on Sunshine

All Change!

This is in the nature of an interim post.  And is also my effort at atonement as I failed to update earlier in the week.  I gained 3lbs.  There – I’ve said it.  And I’m going to gain some more before I’m done.  See – now you’re wondering what’s going on, just like I’ve been doing.

Let’s begin at the beginning, shall we?

Last time I posted I was delighted to have made it down to 14st 7lbs.  And then I got the cold.  Or it might have been a flu.  I don’t know, but I felt absolutely awful.  And it’s lasting for ages although I’m much better than I was.  Have you ever tried to diet and have the cold?  The diet slipped right out of my grasp and I proceeded to eat all the ‘comforting’ things I could get my sticky little paws on.  And, believe me, they were very sticky when I was done.

As the cold started getting better I started thinking about getting back on the diet.  I’ve been doing WeightWatchers and, according to the scales, have done really well on it.  Unfortunately, I’ve been constantly hungry for the past however-many weeks and, having tasted satiety, just couldn’t face the thought of being hungry again.  I must point out that I’m on a medication whose leaflet says ’causes increased appetite’ so a lot of the problem’s been caused by that rather than some deficiency with WW which has made me lose weight.  But there’s only so much hunger a food-lover like me can take.  So I tried to get back on the diet.  And failed.  And ate some chocolate.  And tried.  Failed.  Ate.  Gained weight.  Sulked.  Had a think.  And decided:

It’s time for me to go back to SlimmingWorld and do it properly.  That last phrase is key.  I know the SW diet really well and I think that’s led me to take liberties with it in the past.  So this time I will track my food.  I will go every week.  I will stay to class.  And I will exercise (when the cold finally departs).  It helps that SW has made some changes to the eating plan while I’ve been away so I will actually have to concentrate on what I’m doing.

And I’ll let you know how I get on.  My new weigh-in will be a Tuesday night so look for updates on Wednesdays.  At some point I’ll get round to changing the posting schedule in the sidebar …


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