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Incoming Books

  1. WeightWatchers – Cook Smart Baking
  2. Wendy Moore – Wedlock
  3. Kathryn Stockett – The Help
  4. Tamera Alexander – Rekindled
  5. Stevie Smith – Novel on Yellow Paper
  6. Linda Grant – When I Lived in Modern Times
  7. Lucia Capacchione – The Creative Journal
  8. Dr Henry Cloud & Dr John Townsend – Boundaries
  9. Rosie Sykes, Polly Russell & Zoe Heron – The Kitchen Revolution
  10. Christopher Marlowe – Doctor Faustus

Incoming Books

  1. Shakespeare – The Taming of the Shrew
  2. Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet
  3. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall – River Cottage Everyday

Incoming Books

I’m trying to get the whole of Mt ToBeRead onto this website so not all of these books are new.  What are your latest acquisitions?

  1. Francine Rivers – And the Shofar Blew
  2. Carolyne Aarsen – Twin Blessings & Toward Home
  3. Lynn Austin – Candle in the Darkness
  4. Kim Vogel Sawyer – My Heart Remembers
  5. Nick Page – The Bible Book
  6. Deeanne Gist – A Bride in the Bargain
  7. Vanessa del Fabbro – The Road to Home
  8. Elspeth Thompson – The Wonderful Weekend Book
  9. Lindsey Davis – Shadows in Bronze
  10. Sean McEvoy – Shakespeare:  The Basics

A Passion Most Pure – Giveaway

Can you judge a book by its cover?  Well, I haven’t read A Passion Most Pure yet but, having seen it, I certainly intend to.  Amazon is offering the book as a free, Kindle download which would be lovely if I had a Kindle …

The good news is that the author, Julie Lessman, is offering one of her books in a prize draw.  So why not click here and see if you get lucky?

24th March 2010 – 2lbs Lost

I didn’t think I would get a loss this week as it’s ‘star’ week but I did do a lot of walking on Sunday and have followed my plan so I guess I do ‘deserve’ that 2lb loss.  This takes me up to a whopping total loss of 1st 9lbs!

Not eating sugar is getting to be quite easy although I do know that I must be on my guard.  I still look at food items or smell them and think, ‘Oooh, I’d like some of that …’ but, thus far, I’ve been successful in following that thought with, ‘Yes, it would be nice but I choose not to eat it.’

My car’s still off the road (although I do now have funds to get it fixed) so I’m walking everywhere and not taking any intentional exercise.  I still don’t want to, to be honest, but am enjoying walking to get to where I want to go.  And it’s getting easier.  My body feels different and seems to be enjoying moving about.  I think walking (and then running) will be my preferred modes of exercise but I’m also keen to substantially reduce my car-use even when it’s fixed.

1lb Lost – Milestone Achieved

I did it!  I did it!  I lost one more pound this week and achieved the milestone of a 1st 7lb total loss.  Can you tell I’m a little bit pleased?

Last week I continued with the Counsellor C/Stop Bingeing! method of eating and included afternoon tea (with sugar-free cake) for Mothering Sunday.  I wasn’t sure if this would trigger a binge but I was fine even after my mother and father had gone home leaving me alone with the remaining goodies.

Exercise-wise, I’m still car-less and walking everywhere although I’ve not been out and about as much as the week before.  I’m finding it a whole lot easier to walk with a purpose (ie walk to the Chemist to collect prescription) than to do intentional exercise.  But, hey, if I can lose weight by running errands I’m not going to complain.

I’m going to continue doing more of the same in the coming week although I know I may not see a loss as the euphemistically-named ‘star week’ will be looming.  It’ll be interesting to see how I deal with the inevitable PMS without resorting to caramel shortcake …

14st 5lbs – 1lb Lost

I weighed in as normal on Monday and am delighted to report that I’ve lost 1lb by not dieting.  I’ve just followed Counsellor C”s plan as well as I can without throwing out all my white flour and buying wholemeal.  I’ll gradually replace the white versions with their healthier equivalents as I use things up.

Exercise-wise, my car’s off the road just now so I’ve been doing lots of walking and not worrying about doing any intentional exercise.  I’m aware that this will eventually have to change but am in no hurry for it to do so.

I’m a little disappointed to have lost ‘only’ 1lb.  Counsellor C’s method is slower than other diets I’ve tried but the important thing is that it is sustainable which the others aren’t in the long-term.  Or, come to think of it, in the ’till I get to goal’ term either.

This week, I’m continuing with the plan and the walking and hoping to be able to report that I’ve lost a total of 1.5 stones next week.  Actually, getting to that milestone might just be motivation enough to persuade me to use the Wii Fit.  Or it might not!