Walking on Sunshine

Books out of Seven

Only it’s more like ‘Books out of Four’ at the moment.

By coincidence, I’ve read mostly Christian books this Lent and I’ve really enjoyed the experience.  I do go through phases of reading only Christian literature and it appears that Lent is a good time to have another one.  But I only have Christian non-fiction easily available at the moment and feel that a non-fiction-only diet would not be A Good Thing.  So I’ve ordered some fiction from Amazon – they’re so expensive from the Christian bookshop, probably because it’s a niche market which only that shop serves.

Anyway, here’s the non-fiction I have planned:

  1. Tom Wright – Matthew for Everyone Part 2
  2. Paul A Wright – Mother Teresa’s Prescription
  3. Jordan S Rubin – The Maker’s Diet
  4. Tony Castle – Living Faith

What are you reading next week?


Comments on: "Books out of Seven" (2)

  1. Hi Laura 🙂

    I’m reading Here Burns My Candle by Liz Curtis Higgs…it takes place in Scotland…Edinburgh to be exact. 🙂

    What books did you order??

  2. Laura,
    I’ve read The Maker’s Diet more than once and still follow some of the dietary practices he recommends. I even use some of The Vitamin’s his company [Garden of Life] puts out. It’s a good book and his products are good too. Except “Perfect Food” tastes NASTY! Almost undrinkable! I don’t know if someone could follow this diet on a regular basis but I picked up a lot of useful info from it.

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