Walking on Sunshine

Here’s something to think about:  What would happen if you turned off the TV for just one week?  Would you go outside more?  Would you read more?  Take up a new sport?  Have some great conversations?  Smell the roses?  Well, next week people are getting the chance to find out by switching off the box in something called ‘Make Week’ – that is ‘Make Life Happen Week’, according the the guys at SimpleOrganic.

I think it’s a great idea.  I used to have no TV and learned not to miss it.  And then I bought a Sky subscription and watched way too much.  Today I watch a bit and am happy with the level of my consumption.  Mostly I watch News 24 and EWTN but, every now and again, I buy a TV paper and put things I fancy into Sky+ to watch on a rainy day.  Doing without it for a week isn’t that big of a deal.  I think.  If we were talking radio – well, that would be a problem.  But I can live without TV for a week.  How about you?

Comments on: "Make Week: 19 – 25 April 2010" (2)

  1. hello! i found you at the blog hop. i am a writer and live in hawaii where many people do live without tv–including me at the moment as i have not learned how to use the new cable service. it does make everyone go outside more but then it is hawaii so they would probably go outside anyway?

  2. (Female) Opinionated Reader said:

    I agree with Priya Parmar. I would not be surprised to find out there’s a correlation between locations with dodgy weather and higher consumption of television.

    On that note I am probably not going to partake in this round 🙂 Television is my outlet from stress and giving it up before my exam is not a good idea!

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