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Bible Reading Technique

I said I’d share the technique I’ve been taught at RCIA for reading/studying the Bible.  Here’s what I do:

  1. Read the whole passage.
  2. Note down who is speaking and who is being addressed.
  3. Note down anything I don’t understand.
  4. Summarise the passage.
  5. Note down any applications of what it says – either at a personal level or more generally.

This is my adaptation of the full instructions and is offered in the spirit of ‘this is what works for me’.


Comments on: "Bible Reading Technique" (4)

  1. reminds me of the SOAP method

    and prayer

    i think that’s how it goes!

  2. Here is the Scripture Union method
    1 pray for God to speak to you thru the reading
    2.read the scripture
    3. reflect on the main point of the passage and what do I learn about God
    4. apply what I have learned from the Bible to my life
    5. Pray again for what I have learned to guide me and my prayers

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks for that, Bruce – it’s always interesting to see how people get the most from their Bible reading.

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