Walking on Sunshine

Maintaining my Weight

So I’ve maintained this week.  And I’m really disappointed about it, even though I think I know why and, therefore, what to do about it.

I’m 2 stones (28lbs) lighter than when I began my slimming journey and, hence, my body is burning fewer calories.  I’ve noticed a lot of everyday things are taking less effort – I ran for a bus the other day and, although I was out of breath, I could do what I was unable to do at 15st 11lbs and caught the bus.

This means I need to either:

  • burn more calories by exercising.
  • eat less.

Neither option is very appealing.  However, I’ve cut out the two snacks I usually have during the day and will see if that’s enough to get things moving again.  If it isn’t (and I really, really hope it is) I’ll start thinking about intentional exercise.

See you next week!


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