Walking on Sunshine


I like the Rosary. If I’m ill (I have Bipolar Disorder and anxiety issues) I tend to go to bed with my beads and pray myself into a better state of mind. If I’m unable to sleep, it’s the Rosary I turn to. If I need to pray but don’t have the words then I make a decade of the Rosary.

What I’m not good at is the meditating part. It seems ‘wrong’ to say a prayer and not give that prayer my full attention – kind of like speaking to someone while txting on your phone. If you’re speaking to someone then you should give them your full attention.

However, my RCIA sponsor has given me a very useful little CTS book which says it’s fine to focus on the words you say – this is a ‘vocal’ prayer as opposed to a meditative or contemplative one. And that’s fine so long as you remain aware of what the Mystery is about.

In the same booklet, I’ve just read of two Popes encouraging people to make a Rosary every day. So I shall endeavour to follow those instructions.


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