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Phases of Womanhood – A Catholic perspective on women, faith, work, relationships and real life | Blog.

Sylvia says:

God inspires.

I obey.

Everything works out.

How good is that?  It’s one of the things I believe the Pentecostals and Evangelicals have got right.  In my experience, they tend to be very much ‘led by the Spirit.’  Or their imaginations.  Or what seems good to them at the time.  Because their are abuses – I’ve seen them.  And that saddens me greatly.

So I do believe that the Holy Spirit can guide us.  But I need to know, for myself and those about me, that imagination and expediency haven’t taken over.  Since reading Sylvia’s post I’ve been thinking about how to know what’s the Holy Spirit’s leading and what isn’t.  I suppose one could call it discernment.

1 John 4:1 tells us that not every spirit or prophet comes from God and, if you read on, the passage explains that what comes from Jesus will confirm that He is the Risen Christ, what doesn’t come from Him won’t.  It sounds almost too easy, doesn’t it?  Maybe that’s why it’s never registered with me before now.  How many times have I followed a leading without asking a question first.  How many times have I led myself into trouble?

But I’m open and willing to heal and to learn.  Jesus has already done so much for me – too much to tell in one blog post.  Too much to tell in a lifetime.  And today He’s giving me a lesson.  If it proclaims Him, if it knows Him, if it loves Him then it is of Him.  And if it doesn’t, and doesn’t, and doesn’t then it is not.

I feel such relief at this discovery.  Another healing.  Another learning.  And peace.


Comments on: "Phases of Womanhood – A Catholic perspective on women, faith, work, relationships and real life | Blog" (2)

  1. What I learned is that if everything you do is right in the eyes of God, then you are in the right path. Because He know that from their he can lead you to the promise that He has for you.
    I write articles for http://www.nurturenetwork.com.ph you might want to check it out. 🙂

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks for posting. I don’t think anyone can do everything so that it’s right in the eyes of God – that’s why we need Jesus 🙂

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