Walking on Sunshine

Assessing my Goal

Have been to Sunday Mass today. A beautiful, but sad, Mass for Vocations Sunday – Fr was speaking about how hard it is to be a Priest at the moment but asked us all to pray for Priests generally and those discerning their Vocation.

I’ve decided that I should concentrate on one aspect of ‘being a good Catholic’ at a time instead of doing a whole lot of things imperfectly. And getting to daily Mass is first on the list. It’s only half an hour out of my morning but, oh, what a difference it makes!

My ideal would be 90 Masses in 90 days but I’m not sure this is reasonable or achievable. I do so like round numbers though. And am I a perfectionist? You bet! So I’m thinking of framing the challenge as a question:

How many Masses can I get to in the next 90 days? Let’s find out!


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