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B O O K L U S T: TSS: Commenting Etiquette.

Aarti asks:

How do you respond to comments left on your blog?  Do you respond on your own blog?  On the commenter’s blog?  Via email?

As a blog reader, do you go back and check for responses to your comments?  Do you have a preferred contact method?

When I first started blogging, I used LiveJournal which provides a threading function for comments and lets the commenter know of any responses to their comment.  So the question of how to respond to comments didn’t really arise – one simply hit ‘Reply’ and away you went.  Then I moved to Blogger which doesn’t have this facility and I went through the whole read comment, go to commenter’s blog, read blog, make comment palaver.  Now, with WordPress, I can respond directly to the comment on my blog and the commenter will be emailed.  I think this makes so much more sense – the whole conversation is visible with the blog post that started it.

I do comment on the blogs of others but I never go back to see if there’s a reply – life’s too short and, if there’s something important to be said, I assume that someone will come and tell me.  The sites take enough information for the blogger to be able to do so.

How about you?


Comments on: "B O O K L U S T: TSS: Commenting Etiquette" (2)

  1. I never go back to comment either. I’ve got a wordpress blog as well as a LJ one and i do prefer the LJ threaded comment system.

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