Walking on Sunshine

Another pound has left my body.  And the nurse told me last week that my BMI is now 35.5 which is the lowest she’s ever seen it.  I’m still obese but moving very much in the right direction.

I have to confess a little disappointment this week, however.  I wanted to lose 2lbs, not 1lb.  Perfectionism is creeping in.  I know why I’ve ‘only’ lost 1lb this week and, actually, it’s really good that I’ve lost at all as this is the week in my monthly cycle during which I find it hardest to lose.  I’ve followed my plan, I’ve done a lot of walking and I should congratulate myself.  Most likely, the disappointment I feel is more a symptom of PMS than a ‘real’ feeling.  So I shall quietly ignore it and continue doing what I’m doing.  This is a big step forward for me – I know feeling a bit off isn’t a ‘reason’ for a binge.  It just is and, if I don’t feed it, it will leave.

The plan for the coming week is really for more of the same.  I shall stick with my eating plan and walk instead of using the car.  See you next week!


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