Walking on Sunshine

This past week has had its ups and downs but, as it’s resulted in a 1lb loss, I’m quite happy.

I had a slip on Thursday or Friday and ate a large portion of chocolate confectionery.  I wasn’t hungry – I was tired, had stomach cramps, felt faint and just wanted sugar.  So I ate it.  The next day I weighed in and had gained 2lbs.  I was non-pleased and remained non-pleased until this morning when they disappeared and took one of their friends with them.  Does that mean I lost 3lbs this week?!

I’m starting to think about exercise.  This is probably because the weather is lovely – we’ve had blue skies and sunshine for a few days now – but I’m also conscious that, when I hit my next plateau, there’s not much more I want to reduce in my diet.  My plan was to change my supper (currently a big bowl of porridge) to a mug of hot milk but I’m baulking at that.  I really enjoy my porridge – it’s the ultimate comfort food to me.  So I think exercise may be the next change I choose to make.  However, as the weight is till coming off, I don’t need to worry about that just now.


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