Walking on Sunshine

Weigh in: +5lbs!!!

Well, it’s my first gain in months and if you’re going to do something you might as well do it well, OK?

Last week, I had one binge, one supper with friends, one meal with friends and one BBQ with family.  If you count it as 1lb per event (plus 1lb because bodies do funny things sometimes) it doesn’t look so bad.

While I’ve been doing all this socialising, I’ve really taken my eye off the ball.  I’ve not been weighing every day and I’ve allowed caffeine and sugar (in the form of ice lollies – it’s hot here) to sneak their way back in.  It’s the lack of focus I’m peeved about rather than that +5lbs I’ve just written.  If I’d kept my focus, I could still have enjoyed myself but I’d have known what I was doing to myself and could, therefore, have made better choices.  Or not.  But it would have been a conscious choice rather than my actual ‘What the heck?’ attitude.  And there would have been no nasty surprises when I stepped on the scales this morning.

I wonder how long it will take to lose those extra pounds?  I’d really like to see them gone by this time next week but don’t think that’s a realistic target.  If I could say ‘Goodbye’ to them over the next fortnight I’d actually be quite happy.  Three weeks is dragging it out just a little too long.

How am I going to achieve the loss I want?  I’m going straight back to my normal blue-print of eating breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper with nothing in between and sensible portion-control.  I’ll be avoiding sugar and caffeine and that means I’m going to feel rough for a few days.  Am I going to exercise?  I know the weight would come off faster if I did …  But feeling rough and demanding more of my body probably isn’t a recipe to happy exercising.  And I’m an honest person – I won’t exercise if I’m hating every minute.  So no intentional exercise still although I’ll continue to walk and use public transport even if the car gets fixed soon (which it may).

I have a plan.  See you next week!


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