Walking on Sunshine

I have been neglecting my blogging.  I don’t have a good excuse and can’t be bothered trying to write some confection.  Let’s just say a lot of Stuff has happened recently and it wasn’t so pretty.  But now everything is fine, I’m back doing all the things I do and I want to write about it.

The catalyst for my writing today is a meme I saw mentioned on Facebook.  Hosted by Book Journey, ‘It’s Monday!  What are you Reading?’ offers book bloggers a space to talk about what they read last week and what they plan to read in the coming days.  Which is really what I’ve been trying to do for a while although I couldn’t find a format I liked.  Well, I like this one.  So here goes.

I’ve read a lot over the past few weeks (What, you think I sat at home and did nothing?)  and it’s going to take a little while for me to get all the reviews written and typed up.  But here’s what I’ve got so far:

Somehow those three seemed much more impressive when I wrote them in my journal this morning.  One of these days I’ll get caught up.

I picked out my next seven reads earlier today so here’s what I’m planning:

  1. Janice Galloway – This is not About Me
  2. LaVonne Neff – The Mother Teresa Reader
  3. John O’Farrell – An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain
  4. Evelyn Underhill – The School of Charity
  5. Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind
  6. Val Conlon – Handbook of Devotion to Our Lady
  7. Tamera Alexander – Rekindled

As ever, it’s unlikely I’ll get through all of these (although I can always hope!)

What are you reading this week?


    Comments on: "It’s Monday! What are you Reading?" (10)

    1. You are reading some wonderful books. Glad you found the What Are You Reading meme!

    2. I’m reading The Art of Standing Still by Penny Culliford this week. I’ve heard a lot of great things about Tamera Alexander’s books but I haven’t read any..yet. 😉

      • notjustlaura said:

        Hello 🙂

        I’m sure I’ve got The Art of Standing Still somewhere … Are you enjoying it?


    3. You have some very interesting reads on your list. I hope you enjoy them. Have a great week!

    4. The liked the series thast Tamera Alexander wrote, hope you enjoy it a well.
      Have a great reading week.,

      • notjustlaura said:

        Hi Nise’

        This will be my first Tamera Alexander and, as it’s the only Christian fiction on this list this week, I’m particularly looking forward to it 🙂


    5. Welcome to Mondays! How cool that you are reading Gone With The Wind! A classic Southern novel! I’d love to hear what you think of it when you’re through! It’s my mom’s favorite movie and book – she read it when it originally came out in 1932 – said she and her sister took turns holding a flashlight under their blanket at night reading!

      • notjustlaura said:

        Hi Sharon

        Gone with the Wind is a re-read. I had a sudden yearning for it half way through The Thorn Birds! I’ll be reviewing it here when I’m done and will try and remember to let you know 🙂


    6. What an eclectic selection! I love it when I see readers reading more than one genre and enjoying it! Happy Monday and I hope that things stay smooth for you!

      • notjustlaura said:

        Hi Julie

        Thanks for visiting.

        I categorise my books as Christin fiction, Christian non-fiction, secular fiction and secular non-fiction and try not to read two books from the same category consecutively to make sure it’s well-balanced. Wouldn’t work for everyone but definitely works for me 🙂


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