Walking on Sunshine


I’ve been watching the numbers all week and was pretty sure I knew I’d maintain this week.  Of course, I’ve been hoping I’d see a loss so I’m still a bit disappointed.  But I have a good handle on the whys of this maintain – a few packets of crisps while out and hungry plus milk with a higher fat content than I usually buy.  This week it will be skimmed milk all the way and no snacking between meals.

The good news is that I’m once again off sugar so should start to feel a lot better (and lighter!) soon.  Exercise-wise, I’m not using my car nearly as much and am back to slogging up hills under my own steam.  I’m surprised at how much fitness I seem to have lost in the two weeks (or thereabouts) that I was driving.  I seem to have gone back to the beginning where everything is full of effort and slow.  But at least I know the ‘stuck in treacle’ feeling will pass if I just keep doing what I’m doing.


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