Walking on Sunshine

On Sunday I didn’t know I starting this challenge but I looked OK for Mass with a navy blue dress and having done the hair’n’makeup thing.

On Monday it was a struggle to do anything as I’d a migraine but, for the hours during which I was out-of-bed, I did wear a skirt.

Today I was out of the house super-early so the cleaner could clean.  Wearing a skirt was a hassle (as I had to wear tights – it’s cold at the moment) and, really, thinking about my appearance didn’t go beyond basic personal hygiene.  Anyway, I hid in a cafe for a couple of hours and returned home to a clean flat and this is always good.

This afternoon, I needed to take my car down to Kwik Fit as it’s been noisy for a while and, I thought, probably needed something-or-other done to the thingamy-jig.  As you can tell, I know my auto-mechanics.  And this is where the story becomes relevant and interesting.

Usually, to visit a garage, I wear jeans with trainers and a t-shirt.  I don’t do the hair’n’makeup thing and generally try to look knowledgeable rather than cute.  But this afternoon, looking in the mirror, I realised that my skirt was incongruous when teamed with wispy hair and a pale face.  So I did the hair’n’makeup thing.  Not a lot of either – my hair’s up and I’ve got a bit of lipstick on – but enough that I don’t look like I just got out of bed.  And then I went to the garage.

The garage experience has never been one I enjoyed.  I’m out of my depth and trying hard not to show it.  The men (I’ve never met a female mechanic) talk a strange language and call me ‘you’, ‘Missus’ or by my Christian name.  Not this time.  They showed me what was wrong with the car and explained my options.  They called me ‘Miss Surname’ or ‘Mrs Surname’.  They were polite but not overly familiar.  They didn’t talk down to me but assumed no prior knowledge of exhaust systems (my car needs a new one, by the way) and, in short, it was actually quite a pleasant experience.  It was a congenial and efficient visit.

Tomorrow, the car is going in to have the work done.  I’ve to be there at 8:30am and am not looking forward to another early start.  But will I make the effort to look presentable?  You bet!


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