Walking on Sunshine

I did finish one book last week but haven’t got around to reviewing it yet – probably because I didn’t enjoy it very much and got to the end by dogged determination and with gritted teeth.  I’ve nearly finished another which I’m enjoying very much so do check back next week.

And, speaking of the week ahead, what are my reading plans?  Well, I am in studying mode (Romeo and Juliet) and have an essay looming so I’m not sure how much reading-for-pleasure I’ll get in.  But here’s what I have lined up for rest and relaxation:

  1. Janice Galloway – This is not about me (currently reading)
  2. Tamera Alexander – Rekindled
  3. John O’Farrell – An Utterly Exasperated History of Modern Britain
  4. Evelyn Underhill – The School of Charity
  5. Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind
  6. Val Conlon – Will You Help Her?
  7. Linda Nichols – At the Scent of Water

You can see what other people are reading over at It’s Time to Read.

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