Walking on Sunshine

Sometimes all you can do is start over.

Having gone back to my lovely blueprint, I found myself still lacking the focus to stick to it.  So I played and tweaked and cheated.  And saw a gain when I stepped on the scale.  So I stopped weighing for a few days while trying to consume the entire contents of the corner shop.  Then I remembered I’d be seeing my GP who would weigh me whether I was happy about that or not.

The blueprint derives from WeightWatchers and I still had my online subscription (cancelling it had fallen prey to procrastination) so I decided to go back to doing that.  Which would have been fine if I’d actually done it.  But I said I’d start the next day or the day after that or next Monday.  And, well, there was ice cream and chocolate and cake …

I had the appointment with my GP and obediently stood on the scale.  She’s a kind woman and we agreed that dieting is very difficult when there is ice cream and chocolate and cake.  And then I went home to have a think.

On Wednesday, I transferred from WeightWatchers online to WeightWatchers meetings.  My official weigh-in saw me at 13st 11lbs (after breakfast, with clothes – I’m 13st 7lbs on the scale at home first thing in the morning).  I was given a warm welcome by the leader (Holly), collected a stack of books, stayed to class (which was suitably motivating) and won the raffle so I’m now the proud owner of a WeightWatchers Pedometer Plus.  Then I took the car to my parents’ and walked home.

I’m restarting my journey and plan to travel from 13st 11lbs to 9st 6lbs by the most sensible route.  Of course, there’s always time to stop and look at the sights – and ice cream and chocolate and cake!


Comments on: "14th July 2010 – 13st 11lbs" (2)

  1. I feel your pain. This week I saw a gain which was unsurprising consider the amount of junk food I had last week. Fingers crossed the meetings help.

    • notjustlaura said:

      Thanks, Laura. You’ve had an awful lot to deal with recently so don’t give yourself a hard time.

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