Walking on Sunshine

Musing Monday

This is a new (to me) meme hosted by Should be Reading.  This week, we are asked:

What does your bookshelf (or, what do your bookshelves) say about you to the people who come into your home?

Hmm.  I have two bookcases.  Both are full.  And numerous boxes.  All are full.  They say:

This person has too many books.  She attempts to organise them but frequently fails.  She has yet to learn that one may have too much of a good thing.

Thankfully, my bookshelves are seen and not heard.


Comments on: "Musing Monday" (3)

  1. Has your bookshelves been talking to mine?? 😉

  2. LOL.. good thing mine don’t talk cuz they’d say.. weird O! LOL.. she reads and reads… than leaves a trail of paper in her wake! lol
    dewy who? (in response to my attempting the organize according the the dewy system lol)

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