Walking on Sunshine

I’ve a few reviews for you this week but unfortunately they’re not very good as I put off writing them until I’d forgotten how I felt about the book apart from the most general terms.  I’ve learned my lesson now though and will write my reviews as I read.

  1. St Louis de Montfort – True Devotion to Mary – 2010/031
  2. Colleen McCullough – The Thorn Birds – 2010/032
  3. William Shakespeare – Romeo and Juliet – 2010/033
  4. Ian Petit – God is not Angry – 2010/034
  5. Evelyn Underhill – The School of Charity – 2010/035

Studying is finished for the next couple of months so I hope to have more time for reading what I want to read.  Here’s what I’ve lined up for the week ahead:

  1. Margaret Mitchell – Gone with the Wind – Currently reading
  2. Val Conlon – Handbook of Devotion to Our Lady
  3. Linda Nichols – At the Scent of Water
  4. Max Lucado – Just Like Jesus
  5. Carol Steward – Journey to Forever
  6. Chris Baty – No Plot?  No Problem!
  7. Mona Hodgson – Two Brides too Many

It’s Monday!  What are you reading? is hosted by BookJourney.


Comments on: "It’s Monday! What are you reading?" (1)

  1. I really like Lucado’s books! You have some good books happening. Enjoy!

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