Walking on Sunshine

All week I have stuck to the diet.  All week I have watched the numbers on the scale go down, down and down until, this morning, I weighed 3lbs less than last Wednesday.  So I went along to my official weigh-in at WeightWatchers confident that I’d see a loss and maybe even get my first Silver Seven (an award for losing 7lbs).  And I got weighed and informed that I’ve maintained.

Now, if I’d cheated and maintained then that would be fine.  If I’d cheated and gained then that would be understandable.  But I’ve done what was asked and I want my reward.  And, yes, I am pouting.

Of course, my clothes are different this week – I’m wearing jeans instead of a light, summery skirt.  And, no doubt, my female body is doing slightly different things this week.  But I’m still unreasonably disappointed.  I’m trying to use this as a motivating experience but I’d really rather sulk.  It won’t be a bingey sulk though as I’m determined to see a loss next week!


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