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Changing Focus

I’ve not been doing at all well with this goal – probably because I don’t actually enjoy praying the Rosary. I know I should. I would like to. But I don’t. So tonight, instead of feeling guilt about the Rosary not said, I decided to try something new: The Chaplet of Divine Mercy. And I really, really liked it. Now, I’m not suggesting that I should only do those things in life that I enjoy but, as a baby Catholic (I was Received into the Church at the Easter Vigil this year) I think, perhaps, I need to take baby steps. So I’m taking my focus off a daily Rosary and onto a daily Chaplet.


Comments on: "Changing Focus" (2)

  1. What exactly is “praying the Rosary”? Is that a certain prayer or something? I’m not Catholic so just thought I’d ask.

  2. meredith said:

    I was exactly were you were, and now the rosary and the chaplet are very dear to my heart. I was having a great deal of trouble getting into praying the rosary, so I asked the Blessed Mother to help me with the desire, and I cannot believe how my desire and devotion has been transformed.It really helps when you visulalize the mysteries and walking through Jesus’ life instead of just reciting a bunch of wrote prayers. And remember, He just wants your heart! Both devotions have become a cornerstone and source of great peace for our entire family. The Catholic faith is so amazing, and there are so many ways to express our devotion to and experience Jesus; there is no right way or perfect devotion; God just wants our hearts. Let the Spirit lead you and take you on a journey. God bless.

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