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Weigh-in: 1.5lbs Lost

Sorry I’m so late with this update.  I’ve had a nasty cold this week and haven’t been doing the things I usually do.  However, I did go to my WeightWatchers meeting on Wednesday morning although I didn’t stay to class.  The official scales said that I’d lost 1.5lbs giving me a total of 6.5lbs over the three weeks I’ve been attending.

Last week I set myself a little exercise challenge.  I have the WW Pedometer which counts your steps and converts them to Activity Points.  So last week I decided to make sure I always got into the ‘healthy’ range (this is related to your height and weight and is the minimum number of steps one has to take before Points start to be earned).  I check the Pedometer at dinner time and, if I’ve not hit the target I have to go for a walk or use the Wii Fit until I do.  And I got into the Healthy range each day!

This week, despite the cold (from which I have now recovered), my exercise challenge is to earn 0.5 Points each day.  And, of course, I’m continuing to track everything I eat or drink and bank as many Points as possible.  My period is due so I may not get a loss at the meeting on Wednesday but would be ecstatic if I could have that 0.5lb to get me my first ‘silver seven’ award!

Comments on: "Weigh-in: 1.5lbs Lost" (2)

  1. margopego said:

    Congratulations on your weight loss! 😀

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