Walking on Sunshine

I’ve not been reading a whole lot over the past few weeks – it’s been more a time of knitting and, latterly, studying.  But now, with the help of Jeanette Winterson, I’m back.  I started writing this post quite a while ago so there’s a little stack of reviews for you and, of course, the ever-increasing incoming books.  Because I’m studying again – the books for AA100 arrived last Friday – I’m not going to set up a big stack of books to read in the week ahead.  Instead, I’m going to choose four so I get one from each of the broad categories I favour:  Christian fiction, Christian non-fiction, secular fiction and secular non-fiction.  This should ensure I get plenty of variety without over-facing myself.  Now, let’s get caught up, shall we?

Books Read and Reviewed

  1. Linda Nichols – At the Scent of Water – 2010/039
  2. Chris Baty – No Plot?  No Problem! – 2010/040
  3. Carol Steward – Journey to Forever – 2010/DNF
  4. Max Lucado – Just Like Jesus – 2010/041
  5. Sheila Walsh – When a Woman Trusts God – 2010/042
  6. Christopher Marlowe – Doctor Faustus – 2010/043

Incoming Books

  1. Jeanette Winterson – Lighthousekeeping
  2. Seamus Heaney – The Burial at Thebes
  3. Ellie Chambers & Andrew Northedge – The Arts Good Study Guide
  4. Shiela Walsh – Beautiful Things Happen When a Woman Trusts God
  5. Elaine Moohan ed – Reputations

The Week Ahead

  1. Jeanette Winterson – Lighthousekeeping – Currently reading
  2. Tom Wright – Simply Christian
  3. Wendy Moore – Wedlock
  4. Deeanne Gist – A Bride in the Bargain

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