Walking on Sunshine


At the moment, this goal is a big, fat, hairy fail. Although why a fail would be hairy is beyond me! I can’t actually remember the last time I went to weekday Mass. Reviewing my goals this evening has made me read the title carefully though. It does not say ‘Attend weekday Mass every day’ which is rather what I’d taken it to mean. I have, therefore, been counting every missed day (even if missed with good reason) as a fail. I don’t do failure well and have, eventually, just given up.

I still want to get into the habit of daily Mass when it’s possible. So not going because of (say) a Dr’s appointment should be fine. Not going because I’d rather stay in my PJs and read Facebook is not fine.

My new interpretation of this goal, therefore is to mark it ‘Done’ when I’ve had 30 consecutive days of either attending Mass or not attending for a good reason. For the record, good reasons include there being the funeral Mass of someone I don’t know, illness, schedule classes, and the ‘guard your sleep’ clause. I have Bipolar Disorder and need to be careful to get enough sleep to avoid mania. So, if I’ve had a late night and am short of zzzzs come breakfast time it’s fine to roll over and go back to sleep.

Tomorrow is Day 1.


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