Walking on Sunshine


So I’m sitting here swigging Pepsi Max. But I have an exc-reason! Nah – it’s just an excuse and I’m not going to bore you with it.

To focus on the positive first, I’ve switched to decaffeinated tea and coffee 100% and can’t remember the last time I had a mug of the hard-stuff. But fizzy drinks are another matter altogether and, because I’m no longer used to the caffeine, they have a stronger effect on me than they did previously.

What to do? Well, I’m really tempted just to mark this ‘Done’ and move on. I’ve removed a whole lot of caffeine from my life and will happily abstain for a couple of weeks at a time. My forays into Pepsi-land are generally the result of needing a drink when out and the choices not including something that’s low-cal and no-caff. And I’m happy with that. So, yeah – this one’s done!


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