Walking on Sunshine


And finally we get to the real reason I opened up 43T this evening. (Sorry for the gazillion updates, Facebook and bloggy friends.)

I’ve been vegetarian before. It’s an odd choice for me as I love eating meat, am fond of fish and don’t really like fruit’n’veg without a mouthful of meat surrounding it. The last time I was veggie, I found myself trying to eat weird concoctions I really didn’t like and throwing food away before going for a take-out. That’s not how I want to live.

About a year ago, however, Cook Vegetarian magazine launched in the UK and I realised that the main reason I hadn’t succeeded in my vegetarianism was that I’d had no idea how to cook nice vegetarian food. Dinners tended to be a ladle-full of beans with some rice and that was it. Yum yum – not! I’ve been buying the mag on and off for a while now and have enjoyed some of the recipes.

Meantime, for the first time in my life, I’ve found myself wanting to eat fruit’n’veg unadulterated by sugar and sauce. There are the health benefits, of course, but I’ve also realised that they fill me up and keep me full longer than just eating meat with some pasta on the side. They’re not my favourite part of a meal but they’re becoming a whole lot more normal and I’m looking for ways to incorporate more into my diet.

And the reasons I wanted to be veggie the first time are still around. It’s cheaper than buying meat for every meal so I’d be able to consider going organic/fair trade if I were veggie. I don’t like a lot of things about the current practice of animal husbandry and can’t afford organic/free range meat. Why, as I’ve asked before, should a pig have a rotten, miserable life so I can eat it for pennies? I’m fine with eating a pig that’s had a fairly enjoyable, natural life. But I can’t afford to do that … soooo …

I’m going to try again in 2011. The freezer’s full of meat at the moment or I’d start now. But I shall take the gradual approach this time around. And I’m not putting a timescale on this – maybe I’ll go for a week or a month or the whole year. Maybe I’ll break when my mother serves turkey on Easter Sunday. But that’s OK – I will still have not caused suffering to however-many animals on the proceeding 7, 30, 100 days.

When I’ve come to a more permanent decision, I’ll either mark this done and revert to eating meat with a bad conscience or I’ll move onto the ‘stay vegetarian’ goal.

My first action will be to subscribe to the above-named magazine.


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