Walking on Sunshine


There seem to be two vegetarian magazines available in the UK. I subscribed to Cook Vegetarian last night as it’s recipes I need rather than lifestyle advice but I bought a copy of the other one (I think it’s ‘Vegetarian Life’ or something) when I picked up this month’s Good Food. On a side note – is it possible to have too many magazines? I got the latest WeightWatchers one today too …

But I digress. The second veggie mag really wasn’t suited to me. I don’t think there’s anything ‘wrong’ with it, we just didn’t click so I won’t be buying it again. Which is a bit of a relief as I should really have checked both magazines out before subscribing to either!

All today’s magazines have been perused this afternoon (I’m not feeling well so have had a lazy day) and the recipes I want to try cut out and put in a little folder. I’m all organised and rather wish I didn’t have to eat through a freezer of meat before starting my journey. Ah well – waste not, want not.


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