Walking on Sunshine

Week 1

I intend to update weekly in a ‘reflective learning’ kind of way as I believe this will be helpful for a couple of the TMAs.

Prior to the official start date, I’ve worked through the materials for the first five weeks but have not touched the TMAs – am waiting for the relevant tutorials.

I am aiming to work for 12 hours per week and have devised a star chart reward system to try and maintain motivation. Unfortunately, this week it’s all gone wrong as I’ve had a period of illness and have been eating painkillers as though they were sweeties. So I’ve either been hurting too much to study or so sleepy with codeine there’s been no point attempting it.

I have achieved two hours, however, by attending my first tutorial on Monday. This was a positive experience – I like my tutor and the rest of the group seem fine. I’m quite proud that I was able to contribute to the discussion instead of sitting in the corner and hiding!


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