Walking on Sunshine

What do you eat?

There has been some discussion on Facebook regarding how to use one’s WW points so I thought it might be helpful to post what I’m eating today since it’s a pretty bog-standard day when I won’t be eating chocolate to ensure I’ve had enough (as I did yesterday!)

Breakfast: Boiled egg – 1.5pts; 2 Ryvita – 1.5pts; Marmite – 0pts

Lunch: H/M Sweet potato soup 0.5pts; 2 x WW bread 2pts; Low fat spread 0.5pts; Salad – 0pts; Dressing 0.5pts

Dinner: Pasta 3pts; H/M Tomato & Parmesan sauce 2pts; Broccoli – 0pts

Anytime: 1 pint skimmed milk 2pts; Porridge (for supper) 3pts

This gives a total of 16.5pts out of my allowance of 20pts. I’ll either bank the remainder, have extra milk or a treat/snack later on if I want one.


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