Walking on Sunshine

Greatest Loser!

I went to WW tonight and am delighted to have lost a whopping 5.5lbs. This takes me back (plus a bit more!) to where I was prior to The Big Binge. I’m over the moon and feeling really motivated and focussed. Rewardage will be a glass of wine or a WW dessert with tomorrow’s dinner.

Made arrangements tonight to transfer to the new group – the people are friendlier and the Leader seems to have a more healthy attitude to food and her body so I think it will work better for me.

This week I’ve noticed that I can now see some of the tendons on the back of my hand when I wiggle my fingers and I’ve got just the gentlest hint of collar-bones again! Oh – and I can fit my bottom into size 16 knickers! My mum’s bought me a pair of size 16 trousers but I’ve been too scared to try them on. I think I might give them a spin tomorrow though 🙂

My goal for next week is another (moderate – 1 or 2lbs) loss which I shall achieve by staying within my Points allowance (back down to 19 now I’ve lost the binge-weight) and banking as many Activity Points as I can.


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