Walking on Sunshine

More Illness

This has been a very disappointing week health-wise and therefore also study-wise. I’ve now mastered the fine art of catching every cold that passes to such an extent that the sore throat etc are with me constantly and have been since the 18th of September. The Dr has now given me anti-biotics as she thinks I’ve a background sinus infection which is flaring up and therefore causing the symptoms while dragging me down, down, down. Unfortunately, the anti-biotic she wants me to take are making my stomach very unhappy so I now have yet more medication to deal with that. The good news is that I’m only on the anti-biotics for a week. I am immensely bored, cross and frustrated with myself for being ill and then being such a wimp about it.

Only two hours of studying this week as I just haven’t felt up to it. I haven’t felt up to doing a lot of things but seem to have spent a lot of time on FaceBook. Odd, that, isn’t it? I feel I need to start getting tough with myself and work even if I don’t feel like it. I’m still well ahead (about half-way through Stalin) but next week is TMA week and, if I carry on as I have, I’ll soon be behind and that, for me, is half-way towards dropping out.

My goal for the week ahead, when I expect to continue to feel ill, is one hour of work, Monday to Friday. Obviously this isn’t even close to the required 12 hours but it’s a lot better than nothing which seems to be the alternative at the moment. If I achieve the goal then I can have a glass of (WeightWatchers) wine on Friday night.

I have a tutorial tomorrow morning but think it’s unlikely I’ll make it as a) I feel sick a lot of the time and b) the anti-emetic is making me even sleepier than usual. I’m going to set the alarm though and will make an effort. Who knows – I might feel well tomorrow?!


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