Walking on Sunshine

The New (Temporary) Deal

I’ve been ill for a while with a cold that refuses to depart from my nose and throat. The Dr has prescribed The Antibiotics from Hell allied with an anti-emetic so I can keep them in my tummy. The anti-emetic actually belongs to the anti-psychotic group of drugs so it’s amplifying the effects of the medication I already take. As a result, I’m very sleepy and very, very hungry and have been binging. Now does not seem like a good time to be dieting.

The course of antibiotics lasts a week so I need to find a way of getting from here to the end of next week without turning myself back into Michelin Miss and so I’m working on a system of rules and rewards. The basic idea is to eat as normally as possible but have a WeightWatchers dessert as a treat at dinner-time every day I don’t binge. I’m not going to track or count points this week and accept that I will gain weight. I’m hoping, however, that allowing myself some latitude will calm things down a bit and the potential to earn rewards will keep my nose out of the trough.


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