Walking on Sunshine

Gaining Weight

OK. So I’ve not been well and the Dr’s had me take The Antibiotic from Hell for a week. Tomorrow I’ve to start spraying steroids up my nose. But let’s not go there. I’ve not been well so I’ve been ‘comforting’ myself with ready meals and big bowls of milky, sugary porridge. So I went to WeightWatchers tonight expecting a gain. What I wasn’t expecting was to feel so down about the numbers on the scale. I’m premenstrual and have to assume this is why I’m feeling overly emotional about a digital number and a scribble on my membership card.

Now, I’m still unwell. And suspect that I will continue to be so for quite a while (the steroid treatment is for 4 weeks). I think I have to make a choice: I can continue to be unwell, use food to make myself feel better and continue gaining weight. Or I can continue to be unwell, stop feeling sorry for myself, eat properly and come out of this (rather horrible) time a thinner and happier me.

As a friend would have it: “It’s a no-brainer.”

The menu plan is done and the shopping list is printed. Tomorrow, I’m going back on the plan and shall endeavour to stop whining and just get on with life. I don’t have a choice about being sick but I do have a choice about how I deal with it.


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