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Plan, shop, cook, eat

I’m doing WeightWatchers at the moment and WW UK has just moved to the ‘ProPoints Plan’ from the ‘Discover Plan’. In my wisdom, I decided to use the changeover as an opportunity to step up my efforts with this goal. I sold all the meat left in the freezer to my mother (who has put it in her freezer – will this stuff ever get eaten?) and set up a menu plan for the week ahead using ProPoints and no meat. That gave me a shopping list which I fulfilled at Sainsbury’s because MySupermarket said it was the cheapest supermarket for that particular list. And I was shocked at the price – a week’s shopping for £16.pennies!? That’s unheard of in this house.

So I’ve made the change. I’m cooking my way through the recipes I’ve planned for and, as ever, portioning it up and freezing it as ‘ready meals’ so I don’t have to cook every day once the freezer’s stocked. I’ll also need smaller shops in future as I won’t be starting from a virtually empty freezer.

I have made some compromises in deference to my weight-loss efforts – where there was a choice between vegetarian cheese and low-fat cheese I took the low-fat option. I shall switch to veggie cheese when I’m maintaining my weight rather than losing. For the moment, I’m happy with this. Life is good 🙂


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