Walking on Sunshine


Had my WW weigh-in last night and am very disappointed.

Now, I weigh myself every day (first thing in the morning). I find that this keeps me focussed and helps to draw a line under any ‘indiscretions’ of the previous day but I only pay real attention to the numbers on the official, WW scale once a week.

Over the past week, I’ve lost, then binged and gained and then lost again bringing me to 2lbs under my previous official weight. So I went to WW last night feeling confident I’d see a loss. But no. According to the official numbers I’ve gained 2.5lbs. Realistically, I know it’s just a bit of constipation and the effects of eating different things this Thursday to last but, still … It would have been nice to see a loss before my holiday next week.

Ah well – onwards and downwards.


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