Walking on Sunshine

Chapter 1 Part II

Worked through the second half of Chapter 1 while sitting in the sun this afternoon. 2006 is a long time ago in my world so all the ideas seem fresh and new.

What sticks in my mind? Well, my values are mostly all about compassion and kindness with loyalty making a big appearance. Certainly, it’s being compassionate that tends to make me happy in an odd kind of way. And, if I’m not kind to someone I go through rivers of guilt. Loyalty to friends is, I think, a good thing. But I carry this over into loyalty to business or brand and that hurts my pocket! At the moment, it’s also hurting my appetite – I’ve been to the same pub for dinner every night I’ve eaten out this holiday. I’d really like to try somewhere different but don’t want the landlord at the first place to see me going somewhere else in the little square with all the eateries! And it’s not as though he’s been particularly kind or friendly or anything – he’s been pleasant but that’s it. So perhaps I should challenge myself to do something different tonight? I like to eat early and don’t like to be out too long after dark though so that does limit my choices.

Chapter 1 also introduced me to the LIFE model of problem solving. The emphasis is on working out what you want (rather than ought) and then marshalling the resources to achieve it. But I wonder what happens to the things (like going to the dentist!) that one does not want to do but really should? But the author encourages the reader to look at negatives (like my dentist terror) in a positive way – I want to look after health and that includes a dental check-up. Which I must book when I go home! Hmmm … maybe I have learned something?


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